Vario gearbox reparation JCB Fastrac

Reparation Boite Vario JCB Fastrac


JCB Fastrac Vario gearboxes, such as the Fendt and Massey Ferguson tractor, are repaired by us, the work is guaranteed.

We work directly with farmers, as well as with farm contractors, farm mechanics and all dealers

Vario Gearbox repairer JCB Fastrac,continuously variable transmission CVT JCB Hydraulique.

to know more about Fendt Vario Gearbox Reparation 


This type of hydraulic transmissions is very complex and specific, surely HYDRO-TG is one of the very rare in France and worldwide to repair this type of VARIO hydraulic gearbox.

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JCB Fastrac tractor with CVT continuously variable vario gearbox

the driver can choose between 4 driving modes with touch screen, the controls are operated by joystick or accelerator pedal.

Electronic systems, sensors and all automation are also an essential element.

In driving mode, the tractor behaves like a car equipped with an automatic transmission.

In manual mode, the joystick controls the forward speed, like on a combine or forage harvester.

The powershift mode, the pulses on the joystick, gives the impression of engaging gears under load, if it is less familiar with continuously variable transmission.

In the flexible mode, the driver selects a constant diesel engine speed and varies the tractor’s speed using the accelerator pedal.

This transmission characteristic is unique among CVT transmissions.

JCB’s ACTIV TRACTION option is a feature that allows continuously variable transmission (CVT) FASTRACs to maintain their grip during heavy traction applications.

Repairer Vario gearbox Fendt, JCB Fastrac and Massey Ferguson Dyna VT

JCB Fastrac boite vario hydraulique hydraulicien reparateur

The FASTRAC vario tractor is very fast with a maximum speed of 65 km/h, but in France it is limited to a maximum speed of 40 km/h, the high level of safety of the braking system with anti-lock brakes (ABS), suspension and steering are a big part of its performance, both in the field and on the road. independent suspension systems: spring-loaded and shock absorbers at the front, supplemented at the rear by an oleo-pneumatic device that corrects the tractor’s attitude and ensures load transfer on all four wheels.

The FASTRAC JCB 8290 and 8330 Vario transmission with AGCO POWER 8.4-litre six-cylinder engine, 228 kW (306 hp), twin turbocharged as standard for fast response and more power. Ideal for heavy-duty traction or towing operations.

They are characterized by driving comfort and panoramic visibility, a hydrostatic steering Rapid Steer, working lane up to 3 meters wide, suitable for cereal farms, polycultures, livestock etc…

Hydraulic variable flow and closed-centre hydraulic pump equipment

Tracteur JCB Fastrac pompe hydraulique boite vario

JCB equips the tractors with a variable-flow hydraulic pump that feeds a closed-centre circuit. It activates the front, rear and up to 4 rear hydraulic sockets and up to 2 front sockets.

is also hydraulically operated, the steering, hydraulic braking of trailers and suspension

HYDRAULIC Variable flow pump with closed centre, Flow 210 l/min at max. speed, Pressure 210 bar, i. e. max. hydraulic power 70 kw, Rear lift capacity: 10 t, Front lift capacity: 3.5 t

The front linkage and power take-off unit is more compact. The tractor is more versatile and productive.

JCB is the world’s third largest manufacturer of construction machinery by volume

JCB hydraulique travaux-public

JCB is the world leader in Telescopic Loaders and Backhoe Loaders.

JCB was created more than 20 years ago, Fastrac agricultural tractors, such as JCB 1000,2000,4000,8000,8290,8330 series, are equipped with vario gearboxes of the same type as Fendt and Massey Ferguson

JCB has 23 plants on all four continents: 11 in Great Britain, 3 in India, the others are located in the USA, Brazil, China and Germany.

JCB Telescopic, JCB 525-60, JCB 516-40 JCB 560-80, JCB 527-58, Telescopic Agricultural JCB 531-70, JCB 560-80.

JCB 413S Agri, JCB 418S Agri, JCB 435S Agri

JCB articulated telescopic TM180, TM220.

more than 50 JCB equipment built specifically for agriculture, articulated loaders, telescopic handlers, tractors. not to mention construction and industry.

for all this equipment : hydraulic pumps are supplied and/or repaired

We repair all types of vario gearboxes and pumps

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